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Avras is vast land reaching the Nam Sea on kilyans part on the south and Soha mountains on humans part on the north. Its neighbors are a mysterious society of Msahgras, a nomadic tribe collective who worships peace and naturality and the merchant kingdom of Sas.
Avras was never a magical land, aside from mystics, who were coming and going to and fro, heading from Msahgras. It’s mundane kingdom polluted by huge cities in the center and smaller towns, countryside, lakes, and forests surrounding them.
The royal power stays in the hand of Surash, the puppet king, ready for every order from the shee.
Lately, magic stated to appear in Avras and the magic users, even if they do it by accident, are hated and persecuted, especially in villages. The world of Avras is of devastated, steampunk kind, where people use pistols, operates machines, and use the power of steam. Though under the rule of shee, humanity is touched by de-evolution.

Unseelie aka Fae aka Kilyans aka Shee aka Dark Folk, are a supernatural being, much older than humans. Created in the dawn of time, they possessed both Avras and Sai’vara’n, their land, until humans didn’t start to settle there. Kilyans and humans are hostile, and while kilyans are superior to any human that lives in Avras, humans messed a lot in their society, settling in and killing many shee in the war, using dubious means.
Unseelie in human legends are cruel, heartless beings, while they are only proud and arrogant and dislike any disobedience from lower races. They see humans as the lowest race, thus, they treat them equally to that view.
They are ruled by a king and his five sons, who have power almost equal to their father’s. Shee are ethereal, mysterious beings, who make their mystery even greater to humans by charms they put on themself. To people, they may even appear as gods.

There are two kinds of magic. The magic of the moon and the magic of the sun. Once, when Saru, the firstborn fae, still inhabited the earth, the magic of the sun belonged only to them. Once they disappeared, kilyans possessed, slowly, also these abilities. It allows fae to change the state of things, manipulate minds, and create light spears, the only weapons aside magic they fight with.
Magic of the moon is much more dangerous as it’s created from the darkness of the night. Suspiciously, that kind of magic seems to leak over human lands, giving them powers that destroy their minds and bodies, unused to it.