Lorian Ain’Dal

Lorian Ain’Dal was born as the youngest of five children of the fae king Manr’sun Dal. Despite being youngest, he possesses the power of foreseeing which makes him extremely useful in times of danger or during the war.

Lorian is a nature and storm fae, which allows him to an extent control rain, storms, and snow. He also has a moderate influence on green parts of the land. He can enter human minds in sleep and talk to them, though he can’t read their minds. His whispers can, on the other hand, force humans to do what he pleases. His enchantment is particularly strong and spreads wide and deep.

Like all fae, he is moderately muscular, yet the fae power doesn’t lay in muscles but in magic they possess and their skill in using their spears made of sunlight or night darkness. Lorian is especially skilled in moon spear fight.

He very often acts as the life of others, especially humans, repulses him, he can be arrogant, proud and egoistic. Yet he can be a really good companion if he thinks that his interlocutor is worth it, even if they are a human, a species considered as lowest by the fae.

His favorite virtue: Intelligence.

The principal aspect of his personality: Pride.

Favorite qualities in a woman: Sharp mind and natural way of being.

Favorite qualities in a man: Trustworthy and faithful.

What he appreciates the most in his friends is being able to feel and understand. Not judge.

His main flaw is stubbornness and arrogance.

His idea of happiness: Standing in front of a vast moonlit meadow and breathing in the scent of the night air. Also, good human servants, they are rare.

His idea of misery: The pain of losing the magic. The fairy whose magic was taken feels real, excruciating pain, and eventually dies.

Where would he like to live?: He thinks fae land is way too beautiful to choose only one place. In one word, his land.

His favorite flowers and colors: Black, hellebore, and blue rose.

His favorite bird: the mockingbird.

His favorite prose author: Avar’gath Sierry, the once greatest fae mage, who wrote, to his own misery and under a curse, a series of obscene stories. They amuse Lorian.

His favorite poets: Alkavan Munnis. His poetry is like a stab in the heart with a hot-iron dagger.

His favorite hero in fiction: Minuet, the divine familiar.

His favorite heroines in fiction: Amanutta, the courtesan of a million skills. Yes, from the book of Sierry.

Lorian has completely black eyes, the mark of foreseeing. Now there is no other male fae with black eyes.

Lorian is considered a very powerful mage, and his personal strength is shaping darkness – he can form darkness in any form that can attack the enemy or do basically everything he wants. He has a healthy dose of irony and sarcasm and loves jokes and mind games. Being partially a loner and partially a soul of the court life, he can be rather unpredictable and chaotic. He has many flaws coming from the darker side of his nature, which is expressed in subtle violence, word domination, and high self-esteem. He is capable of being very cruel, but is not a sadist and will resort to it in special situations.

It’s a secret even among the lower fae, but he can shapeshift into a wild creature that is far more sturdy and bodily strong and can fight far stronger and bigger enemies, even god soul particles, that roam the land. This form exhausts him moderately and he can’t stay in it for longer than a few days.