• nsfw,  poetry

    Bright Nightmare

    Lorian/Nymre [ Nymre’s POV ]


    I melt onto you skin
    a candle made of pure light
    slipping into your twilight
    bathing in your dark allure

    my star pulses in your veins
    finding chasms and sliding through the gaps
    to fill you with suns and moons
    burning in you with an enchanted flame

    I swallow the night
    drowning you in forbidden gleam
    tormenting you with flickering touches
    glowing in your black ponds

    a bright nightmare
    do you feel me owning your dreams?

  • nsfw,  poetry


    A poem for Lorian and Nymre. Lorian’s POV :3


    you drip with my shadows
    every crack filled; skin embraced by the hungry night
    your heart and soul beat at unison
    with the wild drum of my enchantment
    deep into your bones
    deep into your flesh
    deeper into the marrow
    to dissolve inside, sinking in your nerves
    like a promise of rain after a long drought

    do you feel me now?
    bathed in darkness
    pulling shivering threads of the light

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    we are jewels in the crown of midnight,
    dark obsidian tears, made of moonlight and blood
    rippling on sorrows’ surface, disturbing the night’s slumber

    we are torn skin of the faint young sun,
    black fires burning on the forgotten hills, children of the opalescent haze and moondust
    touching the mortality with madness; ruling over abandoned circles and shadowed mazes

    we are the last kiss from the goddess,
    blinding the nature with our brilliance, coating its heart with a stellar honey