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    Tiyan: *judges*

    Lerrel: Stay away, bad dog. Better hide, tbh.

    Lorian: Kidnapper, grows sharp teeth when no one watches. Also stay away, bad cat.

    Leira: I would want to marry, but she finds me funny.

    Nostel: She makes me feel like I had worms under my skin.


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    Tiyan: *exists*

    Lerrel: Better not.

    Lorian: Disappointed with the universe.

    Leira: I don’t know if to curse or cry with joy.

    Nostel: More, more!

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    Tiyan: You look like a cursed fallen god. I can’t even. Stop attacking me with your goddamn glamour.

    Lorian *with a smirk, intensifies glamour* Fallen? Why fallen? Try harder.

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    Orange Cat

    Tiyan: I will never agree to work for a fae. They are cold-blooded murderers, a bane of humankind. Nothing will force me to go with their ploy!

    Also, Tiyan: This bath is so scenty, I love it. The light dances on the walls, how pretty. I will uncork this bottle, how beautiful, and unusual.

    The coherence of an orange cat.

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    What do you think about the prophecy?

    Lerrel: Only fools depend on them. I still think kritars would at least slow down the god souls.

    Rissel: Risky. Very risky. I actually don’t trust anything that is closed for ages behind shadow-guarded doors.

    Arlis: Besides, this particular prophecy is forbidden and not without a good reason.

    Lorian: While you were afraid to move with single finger, I found the Fox, gave him power and now brought him to the palace.

    Lerrel: You are a fool then.

    Lorian: He is at my service and you know what that means.

    Rissel: ?

    Lorian: More spies to look at you when you love, when you hate and when you think no one hears how you curse on our father, wishing him death.

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    Light Fun

    What do you like most in human servants?

    Lerrel: They obey every word. It’s easy to order them, because they are stupid and weak.

    Rissel: They are so unusual. Without magic and ears, they seem almost unreal, like a gossamer so easy to tear…

    Arlis: They are amusing to tempt with glamour. A light fun, noone gets hurt.

    Lorian: Some of them are my spies and tell me everything about my unaware brothers.

    Arlis: …

    Rissel: !!!

    Lerrel: ?

    Lorian: They will be even more eager to do so, when they hear what you’ve said today.


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    Lorian: You can trust me. I am an embodiment of goodwill. If you serve me well, you will bask in my glory and your cup will be always full. I treat my humans humanely.

    Also Lorian: … but if you serve me bad, your blood will be cursed till the tenth generation. If you will be able even to get that far.