He took her hand and she followed him eagerly. Just into the darkness, where only luminescent lights marked the path, eyes of better gods, who didn’t want their blood, didn’t want their souls. She felt like the goddess herself, almost bare, delicate as summer nightfall. The internal forest of Dal’coler around them whispered softly, a silent keen, wanting them to delve into the palace grove, deeper, so deep, just as their desire.

Her eyes closed, her feet buried into the grass, feeling as he took her into the unknown. She felt his dark aura, as it broke through faint auras of the surroundings, a touch of darkness in the black night.

“Do not open your eyes, my raven” an order, but a sweet one. She felt the coarse bark of the tree behind her, and how he pressed her to it, with his whole body. He was very hungry tonight, with unsated hunger, dark and alluring. She felt his desire, how it washes over her with intoxicating waves.

She latched to him desperately, she felt as he took his shirt off and lifted her dress and it was beautiful, beautiful and tempting and she felt as her whole body started to pulse with need.

“Closer…” she whispered. She felt him as he slipped between her legs and she moaned. He pressed just in the right place and slid there, and her world centered in this one place, painful from desire. “Closer…”

He laughed. Dark, dark laughter, the one she liked the most.

And he pressed closer and he caught her hands just over her head. A bolt of pure lust came through her at his insistent touch.

“We are alone, my raven” he whispered into her ear. “I can do whatever I want to you…”

“Sounds like a dream” she still had her eyes closed but she felt the scent of darkness from him, tempting and dangerous like night in the forest, when the wolves prowl.

He didn’t reply, but laid her on the moss, her hands, now free, landed on his bottom, but he slipped from her grasp, chuckling, when he heard her protest.

“I want to have taste of you, first” he purred and slid down, down, even more, until he had her splayed before him.

“Yes…” she almost opened her eyes, but she knew it didn’t work that way. He wanted her to be at his whim. He wanted her to belong to him. And she absolutely loved that.

He slowly opened her and relished the sight of his mate, so ready and willing for him, so filled with eagerness. He felt himself throbbing from mere looking at her.

He took her in his mouth, so delicately, but so well, that she hissed. He knew what she likes, and used that against her now. The touch of his tongue was like soft warm water, but at the same time was taking her into the embrace of pure fire. She pushed her fingers into his thick black hair and pulled. She heard laughter, just into her weak spot. She shivered.

He tasted her at first, but his hunger was immense. He released it whole onto her, and her legs trembled, when he pleased her.

“I think it needs much deeper care” he chuckled and his fingers entered her. When his tongue joined, she fastly started to go down, into the deep white chasm. The more he pressed, the more desperation for him she felt, until she knew she would just vanish. Vanish in glitter and gleaming stars.

The white sucked her in.

She heard him shifting. Her weak body pulsating wildly.

“You can open your eyes, my raven” he huffed into her ear and she eagerly did. He was licking his lips, which shone wet in the moonlight.

Her hand immediately sunk between his legs, finding how painfully aroused he was.

“It’s so tight, my lord,” she teased.


“I can make it even tighter.”

His wild grin was best reward. She smiled at him, knowing that he will love her to make him dissolve too. To make him fall into nothingness.

“You will toss under my tongue like a trapped bird” her fingers already pulling his pants off.

He raised his brow mischievously and stood up, raising over the grove floor. Taking him in her hands, she started to rub, slowly, up and down.

“You like it when I do that?” she asked playfully.

“More than anything” he grinned, his shadows dancing around him, feeding on his lust and intensifying it. She wanted to feel them, she wanted them to enter her and ravish.

She took him in her mouth, with her eyes locked on his.

She wanted to send him into the moonlit meadows, and spring streams, into the heart of the beating star and the core of the sun. She wanted to just pull and offer him something he will remember even when they will be apart.

She felt as slowly, darkness filled her and she moaned just into his needy flesh.

“More” he hissed, and pressed her head harder against him, until her mouth was full. She loved him like that, she wanted more of him, so she took him whole, and released him with delicious sound, his shadows pressing inside her, taking her into her own journey of burning pleasure.

She felt how hard he is, how ready to fill her mouth. She wanted to take it all in and not let him go until he is hers just as she was his.

He liked that, he truly did. With his dark eyes looking at her with the intensity of thousands of suns. With his heaving chest, wet from dew. She pushed him harder against her throat.

Hearing him whisper her name was a bliss. His darkness entered deeper and she wailed against his skin. He filled her mouth, offering her a wild growl, his hands again on her head, pushing her closer and that was bliss too. His climax made her soul burn with wildfire.

His darkness slid over her weakest spot.

So deep.

So good.

So dark, thrilling and tight. It was messy, in the best way possible.

She reached climax again, still with him in her mouth. Her tighs shook, her wings batted behind her, pleasure going through them, dark storm of lust.

They both collapsed on the moss  of the palace’s grove. Warm air brushing their skin and hair, making them shiver from anticipation.

They both knew perfectly what they wanted. And they wanted more… always more, until their tired limbs can’t tangle more and their tongues can’t please and roll over the heated skin.

And that… meant a long night.

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.


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