Chapter VII: Be My Guest – Part I

“You shouldn’t. Just no.”

“I had to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, he would act like a hatred-filled child… which he actually is.

“I still think you shouldn’t. He will be much less prone to go after your word now.”

“I won’t allow him to dance to his own music. This is too important. I had him on the lost end. Now he will think twice before he opposes me.”

Nymre sighed. They just had a heated discussion about Lorian’s outburst in the Chamber of Prophecies. She didn’t like it, even if she knew he had right to it. He was sure that it was the only way, an only way without putting a leash on Tiyan’s neck and dragging him with himself. Which, Nymre dismissed from the beginning.

“He is scared, Lorian. I would be in his place. And he is so young…”

“Yes, I start to regret that it must be him” Lorian rubbed his forehead with a resigned gesture. “He is also stubborn and stupid. I sent my servant, Leira, to him, to ease his temper. But it seems it even lit it up.”

Nymre laughed, putting her taloned hand on his shoulder. Her deep, round, blue eyes gleamed with sparks, which, surrounded by the raven mask she never was taking off, looked mysterious and alluring.

“Leira, ah Leira… I think if you sent him your most beautiful servant, he possibly started to… how humans call it? Fight for her attention, but compete as well?” she laughed again. “Lorian, he probably thinks she is your lover and it breaks his heart, because he feels inferior to you.”

Lorian’s smile darkened. He indeed was aware that something like that might happen. Leira was one of his specially chosen, most honest and useful servants. She also was pretty… for human standards. He would lie, if he said that he never seduced human women in the past. But Leira was a gem, which he never even thought of alluring. She was a perfect spy, trusted and not afraid and her personality shone with confidence and great understanding of the fairy realm.

No, he was aware that Tiyan might have eyes for her. Which young boy wouldn’t? But her influence was different than he thought. Sometimes humans still managed to confuse him, even if he thought he knew them well.

“Oh, Lorian” Nymre squeezed his arm, unsure if to scold him or praise him. “Lerrel possibly would kill him on the altar. You are not like that. You can be ruthless but not without a reason, and I admire that you can hold your dark side trapped. But this boy doesn’t know that. He only sees a royal fae, who kidnapped him and forced him to serve. He sees your power and can’t not think of not having it by himself. And…”

Lorian raised his brow.

“… he is a bit… simple.”


“If you prefer so” she laughed. Lorian couldn’t stop thinking that Lerrel would have it easier. Just throwing Tiyan into the fiery pit and feeling good with himself. But then, he would achieve nothing. The path to freedom and life was much more rough and demanded much more sacrifices.

“Let me talk with him” Nymre decided and caressed Lorian’s cheek with her fingers. Delicately. Seductively. “I think he won’t be afraid of someone with a soothing light aura. He saw too much darkness today.”

“Oh, he surely won’t be afraid,” grinned Lorian with amusement. “How many taloned, winged fae has he seen in his life?”

“You think so?” she laughed. “But I have my spells. You know how they work. You know it by your own… heart.”

“My heart has nothing to do with your spells,” Lorian chuckled  darkly, his aura started to emmit the dim black light, like wanting to puncuate his words. “It’s hard as stone and dark as well in the soul of the universe.”

“At least that’s how the tale goes…”

“My brothers like to turn things, especially tongues.”

“And in some places they succeed… not in Dal’coler, though. Here all the Kilyans know, what ruler you really are, Lorian.”

Lorian’s black eyes gained additional depth. He literally drilled Nymre’s soul, and she had to admit that she likes it.

“Let me talk to him,” Nymre urged her lover softly. “If he still opposes, I will let you do what you think is best for your cause. You can even drag him by force, you can enchant him until he does everything you order him to do. But I would like to make it easier for you. Your burden already is heavy enough. And willing blood is much more precious than a forced one.”

Lorian was aware that everything they both do now, will have wide repercussions. This was not a game the fey kind played with humans. This was real, real like pain and real like death. Real like what happened ten thousands years ago, when half of the Kilyans were drained from their souls and magic and absorbed by the hungry god, who can’t be appeased. No one could fight him, no one could win his heart with their pleas. Cat’sea’van was pure force of thirst and destruction.

The Cat, their creator. Who created them to feed on them, and filled them with magic, to drink from it.

Lorian was disillusioned. He knew that in the eve of time, the fae were made from the moonlight and star glitter to appease the hunger of the god. It was harsh truth, but a truth, stone-like reality. Even if others were blind to it, even if others wanted to think they were more than that.

They grew from being a fodder though. They became brightness that was able to outshine the sun and darkness that could swallow the night.

And Lorian wanted it to stay like that.

He planned to kill the god.

And Tiyan was the key to his death.

“I think humans feed the Cat” said Lorian cautiously, like wary to clothe it in words. “When you talk with the boy, take a few of your best spies and check that for me. They use magic that borders on my own, but is much weaker. It can’t be accidental.”

“Is this an order, my prince?” Nymre smiled, but her eyes were serious.

“I like giving you orders” his mischievous gaze seemed to playfully gleam.

“Oh, I know” she chuckled and stood up. Her wings spread, wonderful, dark as the sin, soft like caress. Lorian fed on the sight like Cat’sea’van on souls. “And I melt like a candle knowing, how egaerly I follow them.

Her feathers touched him and he couldn’t not to embrace her in the waist and squeeze tightly, like they were parting for years not days.

“Do not seduce him, my raven.”

“Are you jealous, your highness?”


“That makes me proud and fills my heart with joy.”

They didn’t need to say anything else. Nymre half flew and half walked away and Lorian still couldn’t turn his eyes from her.

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.


  • JuliTelperion

    Nymre, the voice of reason. Hehe, I agree that being more understanding of Tiyan’s perspective and using a softer approach can be quite effective and help him better understand the situation and accept things more easily. But he is very stubborn… I’m not sure if it will be that easy. I will read the continuation later today. ^^ 🧡 I’m also excited for more interaction between him and Leira. Hehe 🧡

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