What do you think about the prophecy?

Lerrel: Only fools depend on them. I still think kritars would at least slow down the god souls.

Rissel: Risky. Very risky. I actually don’t trust anything that is closed for ages behind shadow-guarded doors.

Arlis: Besides, this particular prophecy is forbidden and not without a good reason.

Lorian: While you were afraid to move with single finger, I found the Fox, gave him power and now brought him to the palace.

Lerrel: You are a fool then.

Lorian: He is at my service and you know what that means.

Rissel: ?

Lorian: More spies to look at you when you love, when you hate and when you think no one hears how you curse on our father, wishing him death.

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.

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