Chapter VI: The Prophecy – Part I

Tiyan expected the fae palace to be filled with enemies, looking at him with curiosity and badly hidden scorn. To his surprise, Dal’coler was a silent place, glittering with light and shadows. The court members they met were either bowing before Lorian or exchanging with him a few words. And no one cared for him, like he was another human servant. He had to admit that he preferred it that way. He didn’t like to be the center of attention, especially here. Here, too much interest could mean death.

Lorian was leading him through vast sunlit corridors, filled with chill air and the scent of flowers. It was a fact – Dal’coler was enormous and… beautiful. In this dangerous way, that held more allure than safety. 

The fey prince radiated with dark aura and that alone was making his meetings with the court a specific spectacle. Most of the fae had glamour resembling wintery light, which was making a fine contrast with his darker one. They never clashed though but attracted each other, in strange dance of chill day and starry night.

Do not admire them, Tiyan scolded himself, they do that on purpose.

But the most curious thing was, that now he could see their aura. He didn’t see it in Vennklan prison and he didn’t see it in the bathroom. Now, it was as natural for him as breathing. And to add to it, he perceived the spell Leira gave him, it gleamed over his skin and even clothes like a spiderweb made of stars. Something was changing and he didn’t think if he hates it… or likes it.


She was walking behind them; whenever he gazed at her, she looked back and a sparks of joy were dancing in her pupils. He suspected that he amused her, with his stubbornness. And he preferred it that way too. Better to be amusing than scorned and hated.

“Where do we go?” he wanted to know, after a few other fae met and few vast chambers passed. “I understand that to some… Room of Prophecies.”

“Some say that curiosity killed the human child” Lorian turned to him, his face tense, which was unusual to him. Tiyan thought that he only had two expressions: enchanting and mocking.

“Perhaps” Tiyan leveled with him. “I only want to know. Is it too much? Maybe telling me where we aim would destroy your impeccable aura of mystery?”

Lorian grinned, with all teeth.

“This is not my own mystery I am worried of losing. You will see, my winter child, that even fey can feel the weight of things in Dal’coler.”

More mysteries. He really was a bastard.

Tiyan really hated mysteries. Being called all the time a winter child as well.

The surroundings started to slowly change. From sunlit passages and bright chambers, it went slowly, gradually to darker, more shadowed rooms and corridors. Soon, the path started to lead down, down, into the heart of Dal’coler. Tiyan’s skin crept, when the music that seemed to always be predominant in the fae palace, became darker, more atonal and ominous. The aura shifted, the darkness seemed to press on them all. Prince Lorian changed as well. To Tiyan’s shock, he saw that shadows from the corners and ceilings started to crawl up to him, like tempted with his enchantment. They slid over him and danced around him, celebrating him, bowing before their lord.

Shadow magic.

He knew what inquisitor used to torment him, because Lorian told him, back in the bathroom. Tiyan was not a complete fool and put two and two together. His tormentors used fey spells.

From what Leira explained, royal magic.

How they managed to master it even on smallest degree, was beyond him. He somehow doubted fae gave it to them, like the prince did with him.

Lorian led them into the darkness,  which became thick and muting, and soon, which felt much more than few minutes they really spent there, they saw an intimidating sight.

A large gate, which looked like it was made from obsidian and coal; all light that still existed in this part of the palace, was drifting towards it and turning into night. It seemed to suck everything into its maw, like a hungry sea beast swallowing small water creatures, which were falling through its gaping mouth.

Tiyan heard a moan behind and when he turned back, he saw Leira, strangely pale, how she supported herself over the wall gobelin encrusted with golden threads. She looked in visible pain.

Before he could react, Lorian spoke, the shadows around him intensifying.

“You can go. I allowed you to come too close” his voice was colder than usual, not mocking anymore.

“I wanted to make sure that my spell works and the gate won’t harm him” uttered Leira. “I will go, my prince, thank you” and bowing deep, she withdrew, her legs and hands shaking.

“Do not worry,” a smirk again appeared on Lorian’s face, but his tone dark, dark as the gate itself. “As soon as this place won’t be able to reach her, she will feel better.”

Tiyan gazed after Leira again, worried, but she already disappeared, a glimpse of her golden hair vanishing in distance.

Lorian slowly approached the gate. His shadows seemed to wail without sound, Tiyan felt it in his bones, how the dark doors attracted not only them but also their master. How – whatever was on the other side – drags Lorian in. He felt that, he felt that in his own mind.

The fae prince wanted to touch the gate frame, but then, they both heard the ragged breath. Like someone was suffocating and fought for air. Delicate steps and wind, which came from nowhere, like commanded to. The wind was cold and Tiyan shivered unwillingly. It carried undeciphered scent, something heavier than Lorian’s jasmine, which the young hunter couldn’t place. It made him want to stop breathing and hide.

A fae, looking older than Lorian but possibly as ageless as him, was coming, his throat’s muscles tensed. Lorian didn’t even turn back.

“I see you still trying to stop me, brother” he just said and he placed his hand on the frame. “Trying to follow my footsteps may be dangerous.”

The door shook, like pierced by a powerful bolt of energy, and the newcomer laughed.

“And you still can’t stop yourself from impressing the mortals.”

“It’s not my fault, that they are impressed” grinned Lorian and looked straight into the fae’s eyes. They stood there, measuring themselves with their gazes, until Lorian’s brother passed because he had to take another wild breath in.

“These doors will kill us all one day. Our father should lock them forever and put seals on them.”

“Perhaps. But not before I show my Fox what burden lays on all of us.”

Now, the new light lit in Lorian’s brother’s eyes. They slid over Tiyan’s frame and measured him, just as they did with Lorian before, he seemed to try to delve into him and dissolve him into dust. It felt like he tries to push a very powerful spell into him but is unable to. Try after try, Tiyan’s aura was opposing against his mind. After few times, he resigned but his glamour attacked Tiyan so hard that he almost fell on his knees. But he withstood. The glamour was a shock, but just as in prison cell he didn’t gave in to Lorian, now, he didn’t give up to his brother.

“Very well!” the fae eventually exclaimed. “Your magic protects him well and gives him more strength that I ever suspected you would share. And I already wanted to show you how futile your attempts would be.”

“You are surely aware that killing the servant of another fae is punished… harshly” Lorian seemed indifferent, turning his attention again towards the door.

His brother took another effortful breath. The dark energy that emanated from the gates, seemed to choke him, more and more, the longer he was near it.

“And how bad that you forgot that you don’t have your own shadows to protect you” Lorian added, sliding his fingers over the door. They slowly started to open. “It would be such a pity to lose you, because of your own recklessness… Lerrel.”

The fae looked infuriated, more, murderous. But seeing as the gates opened, he knew how little chances he had against the shadow magic that protected the Chamber of Prophecies.

Burning with cold anger, he didn’t add anything more and soon only the scent of roses was indicating that someone was here with them.

“What was it?” blurted Tiyan, feeling as the protective spell woven by Leira tenses around his skin.

“More important was what he tried to do,” Lorian said with a furrowed brow.


“He tried to kill you.”

The gates opened wide, sucking all light in and enveloping them with pitch-black darkness.

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.

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