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The Cat, The Fox and the Raven – Prophecy

the raven spreads his wings over a wounded fox
and gives him his inner eye, to heal him
the eye bursts in the body of the fox
and tears his heart apart

the night travels with the fox and the raven
where darkness entwines with light
where the old Cat relishes on blood
drinking from the well of souls

raven floats in the air
and the fox needs to stay on the ground
the green wind rages above
and the paws leave footprints in the snow

when the raven falls with his wings cut
the fox silently takes him into his teeth
and offers him his breath
to heal his wounds

that will happen when the great war
makes both lands suffer
and the raven leaves his nest
and the powers of the ancients grow impatient

the key to the raven’s heart
lays in the sacrifice
the fox will return to his forest
hidden safely in the mossy green
and the raven will rebuild his eye
and rebuild his wings
and the frozen garden will swallow his guilt
whispering alluring spells straight into his heart

the fox found on the battleground
ready to die, promised to fate
and the raven, lost in the past
so powerful, yet unable to fly

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.

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