A Kiss Before Twilight

They still heard a ballroom filled with joy and laughter. All High Fae knew how easily this can end, how the darkness looms on the horizon, screaming and swallowing everything with a gaping mouth.

They heard the music, muted by distance, how it becomes faster, madder, more atonal. The fey bathed in their own enchantment, causing reality to pulse and sway. The melody resembled tears mixed with laughter, night pierced by the light of a burning forest.

They couldn’t wait till they reached his chamber; Lorian pressed Nymre against the wall, kissing her hungrily, his long supple fingers embracing her slender waist, slowly making their way under her dark gossamer robe. She sighed, feeling his body close, her hands embraced him on his back, her wings shivering in anticipation.

“Not here…” she managed to murmur into his mouth. “You crazy fool, not here…”

Lorian broke the fiery kiss and smiled mischievously, his eyes gleaming with alluring darkness. And resumed his finger dance over her waist, sliding them lower, lower… circling them over her toned stomach, caressing her tights, until she couldn’t stand the tension and pulled him even closer with her leg, pressing against him so hard, that it was him now, who made a growl.

“My prince is unsated” she smiled.

“Very” Lorian withdrew his hands; Nymre made a low murmur of protest. He grinned at her.

“Not here, you said. If you can hold your urge until we reach my chambers” a wild gleam in his dark eyes. “Because… I barely can.”

She laughed; her voice deep, changed by lust, seductive.

“You are a beautiful, beautiful fool” she kissed him again, deeply, so deep that they lost their breath at unison, their skin started to drip with darkness which started to gather around them, attracted by his passion. She huffed into his mouth.

“I will make you do it” she whispered, burying her long talons into his thick short hair.

He smiled viciously, perfectly knowing what she had on her mind.

And he liked her idea very much.

They parted, but only to pass the corridors like eager ghosts. Empty passages of Dal’coler, abandoned when all fey were present at the ball, were offering them freedom. Freedom, which they were taking with greedy fingers, ready to make this evening last forever.

They fell through the royal chamber’s door, and he immediately pinned her to the wall, lifting her high, higher, until their hips aligned. Her eyes, looking at him through her raven mask, were filled with desperation and need.

“Hungry raven…” he whispered into her long ear and her talons crept over his back, to close at the rear, pulling him harder between her receptive legs.

“I am your hungry raven” she moaned, nodding eagerly.  Feeling him so close to her entrance, brushing against all her weak spots, she whined. “Oh, Lorian…”

The music still was sounding, now more silent but still reaching them with slow drums and chaotic melody. Lorian shook his head, smiling mysteriously. His fingers lifted her robe, the chill wind touched her exposed stomach with silent gust.

He huffed into her white hair, his lips biting her ear lightly. “I would better have you in pieces…which shatter into bliss.”

She nodded, oh, she nodded so eagerly. She loved when Lorian didn’t just take her. She wanted him to taste her like forbidden fruit, like dark poison, ready to fill his veins. She wanted him to break through her dreams and changed them into lustful nightmares.

And she knew he would do it.

She embraced his neck with her arms and allowed him to carry her on the vast bed, which only waited for them to take what belonged to them.

When her skin touched the cold sheets, she closed her eyes, lust pulsating in her veins and between her legs. Her fingers lay on the bulge in his trousers and started to caress it with deliberate movements. A low growl, more suiting a wild beast, escaped his throat. They both started to untie his pants, fast, faster, their fingers trembling with craving.

Smiling voraciously, he helped her to throw the robe on the floor in the corner of the room. His eyes slid over her perfect shapes, her pale skin gleaming with unearthly light. His darkness couldn’t stand the intensity of the moment and crept over her body.

Caressing her.

Feeding on her desire.

Taking in her devotion.

And entering her slowly, just where she felt the most.

Nymre wailed.

He allowed his shadows to envelop her and slide over all of her fragile places. His hands on her hips, when he relished on the sight of her sprawled before him, opened for him, ready for him.

He followed his shadows, rubbing with himself over her entrance, teasing her with wet, delicious moves.

“I will make you change your form” her voice trembling, her body arching, when she felt as his shadows brim in her and how he was slowly sliding over her clit.

His fingers parted her opening, to have better access to her. She moaned his name, with utter pleasure.

“You will have to try really hard” he purred and he slipped into her, her walls closing around him immediately, taking him in. “We both will have.”

She tugged at his shirt and Lorian delved where only shadows could reach, taking her hungrily. They pressed so tightly against each other, that they almost became one person. His hips drove him into her in slow, yet strong thrusts, his fingers capturing her hands and immobilizing them behind her head.

“Yes…” Nymre looked into her lover’s eyes, seeking more shadows, seeking reflection of her own lust. They didn’t have to wait long. His darkness again slid over them, caressing their bodies to the sound of atonal music that was coming from the ballroom. The fae were celebrating the last months of freedom. Lorian and Nymre celebrated themselves.

His thrusts became faster, harder, yet still hitting just the right spots inside her. They both felt the shadows, how they danced on their skin, how they pushed through the pores just into the core of their desire.

She buried her face into his chest, breathing in the scent of jasmine and lilacs, something that was particular to him and always was driving her crazy.

Her world, suddenly, crashed and dissolved into pure white.

Lorian kissed her just in the same moment when she reached her point of no return . Her body shook and clamped over him, her lips quivering.

“More” she managed to utter. “I want to feel your love.”

He rolled her over, so now, she was sitting on him. She gladly took this chance. Leaning over him and brushing her long hair over his chest, she rode him, feeling as he licks her from the inside out, pressing… just here… yes… where she liked most.

Their moves became spasmodic, desperate creatures in lust, lovers of the end of the world. She wanted to take him so deep, that she will never forget that feeling. He wanted to fill her so well that it would haunt his nights.

She laughed, seeing him change his shape.

He sat on the bed, taking her alongside with himself. Pressing her tightly to his chest, he buried even deeper into her, his body gained darker colors, his talons grew and his hands blackened. His skin became tense and his built much more muscular – his jaws filled with sharp teeth.

“Yes…” Nymre sighed, a passionate keen.

His talons on her bottom, his fangs closing over her shoulder, drawing droplets of blood. They both felt as the fulfillment creeps in, taking a hold on their limbs; Lorian pulsed inside her, she felt that, she felt how ready he is to fill her with his lust…

The bliss came like a wave that crashed against the rocks. Nymre spasmed, growling into the dark and hard skin of her lover. He closed his jaws on her arm again, changing position and pressing her into the bed, when he was taking what is his.

“Lorian!” she wailed and it rushed through her body, darkness mixed with pure liquid pleasure. Taking her where only he and she existed.

She collapsed on the bed, exhauted, her limbs weak.

Her wings moved slightly under her, brushing the wet skin of her lover with soft caress. Lorian grinned at her, his features again tightening, changing, his body losing monstrous shape.

“I told you I will make you do it” she laughed, her hair scattered on the pillows, her body still tensed, her opening still pulsating, yet her muscles relaxing.

“It wasn’t that hard, afterall.”

She swatted him on the arm and he offered her the last growl, like a warning… or rather a fond tease.

The music changed, now slow and sweet. The bad times were coming, sweeping the old ones into oblivion.

But they still had this.

And they knew this will last as long as the world lives.


“You don’t think it’s the end, do you?” mischievous tone in his voice.

“I wouldn’t even dream of it.”

A deep laughter came from him.

“Dreams are not made of the ends.”

She kissed him, biting his lower lip.

“Oh yes, they are made of sweet beginnings.”

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.

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