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Sneak Peek: The Dance

His hands embraced her waist, dragging her against his chest in a possessive gesture. Nymre allowed on that and looking into his eyes, she whispered.

“Let’s show them what we are made of.”

The music filled the air, joyful, spring-like, like a rippling stream during meltdown. Lorian, also looking in his lover’s eyes, slid his fingers delicately over her arm, until he found her palm and squeezed it lightly. He pressed her tighter with his second hand and said, silently; his voice urging her, touching her core with soft caress.

“Of stars and moonlight, and forgotten dreams.”

And he led her into a dance.

It was a dance of soul and heart, like the music that was accompanying them entered their veins and filled them with water and fire, with wind and light. All moves were fluent, like water and fire too, which under their skin with flames, which washed them with wild tides.

Lorian took her into adventure and she didn’t want to return. This dance was a seal that closed all quarrels and misunderstandings. They knew they were bound as one, even if sometimes that wasn’t obvious. When Nymre was in his arms, she was another person. She was more than a raven fae. When he was in hers, there was no darkness and light, only her warm skin and her eyes full of stars.

The music reigned over them, embracing them with the sound of the blooming meadows, woods filled with life and silent passages, sleeping under peaceful snow.

“Of raging light and seething darkness” she had to add, sparkles in her eyes.

“Of night eternal and frozen storms” he smiled mischievously and swirled her, so fast that she lost her breath.

The High Shee which gathered in the ballroom observed them, almost hypnotized. It was something magical in the way that he carried her into this dream, and how her black wings moved behind her, sometimes lifting her up, and sometimes – caressing his skin with feathers. It was something spellbound in them, so they allowed the spell to drink from their feelings, admiring its strength..

This was their time. This was their moment.

Before gathering clouds swallow them all.

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