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The Raven: Interview with Lorian Ain’Dal

The fairy prince interviewed. Haha. Oh my.

I: Hello, Lorian!
Lorian: I won’t lower myself to reply with such trivial words.
I: I came here to interview you, so we should get along at least for now.
Lorian: Well, good. As you wish. But you must do exactly what I say, when we finish this silly thing. No matter what it will be.
I: I don’t think it’s a good deal.
Lorian: I am not here to bargain. This or my servants put a leash on your neck and you will be exposed to public view.
I: In that case…well…okay?
Lorian: Eh, this new human way of speaking…okay this, okay that…where and when you lost the beautiful manner of speech?
I: As we have a truce now, may I start asking the questions?
Lorian: “Okay”.
I: How is it to be a fairy lord?
Lorian: You mean “prince”. Is that what you wanted to say? Do not lower my position, almost every fae of high rank has lord title.
I: Yes, prince Lorian. How is it to be a fairy prince?
Lorian: You must watch your back almost all the time. Especially if you have four older brothers. But at least…they must watch their backs too, because being first, second or even fourth to the throne, makes them a delicious target.
I: What magic powers do you possess?
Lorian: Now you ask something which may expose me in the eyes of my enemies.
I: At least one magical power…
Lorian: One? Yes…I can do that. I can control the forces of nature. It can be especially deadly when you live in the forest, like we do *laughs*
I: I heard that you kidnap humans to your realm.
Lorian: *widened eyes* Don’t all lords do that? It’s for fun. We have our lives complicated enough to not use your kind as toys.
I: Toys…
Lorian: Not love slaves. Toys. We play with them. And they go completely dazed and it’s amusing to watch. We use them as private servants.
I: No love slaves?
Lorian: Only if they want. It’s hard for a human to resist a high fae *charming smile*
I: It’s difficult to grasp that someone who fought in a horrible great war as a general, can play with humans as toys.
Lorian: Why not? Don’t you have dogs and cats? We do have them too. We like them. And we like our humans. When teached well, you can be a pleasant and fulfilling company. But all of them are lower beings. They ARE toys.
I: Do you hurt your humans?
Lorian: I doubt we would come to an agreement in this case as you don’t embrace the whole idea.
I: Do I need?
Lorian: You don’t. That’s why you don’t embrace it. If you wanted and needed, you would.
I: Okay—
Lorian: Eh…
I: Good. Why did you fight in the great war? Why all this violence?
Lorian: Because humans don’t embrace one more thing. Territory. It’s our land and you came here without being invited. You stole our ground. Don’t you kill a fox who comes and eats your chickens?
I: Let’s go back to you.
Lorian: … m’lord *devilish smile*
I: Is it how I should title you? Not prince?
Lorian: I know you want to *venom, pure venom*
I: Good, m’lord *he digs his grave* I see your favorite color is black.
Lorian: I was born with black eyes and black marks on my shoulder. My spirit animal is black shuldra. Why shouldn’t I like it? Here fae wear the colors which mean something to them.
I: Here it’s a rather sad and deadly color.
Lorian: It’s the color of rich soil and night sky. It’s the color of life.
I: Eeee…I’ve got a letter here…from a lady who wanted to be kidnapped, gods forgive her sins. May I hand it to you?
Lorian: Whatever.
I: Here, m’lord.
Lorian: *reads* At the mercy of the Cat’se’avan, this is the most impressive example of making a fool of oneself in a few words.
I: Some humans here think that being among fairies makes them beautiful and immortal.
Lorian: This one wants much more and I am not in the mood. I will never be *makes a ball from the paper and throws it behind*
I: Well, that would be it. I will not bother you anymore, then.
Lorian: You forgot about something, my dear human friend.
I: Ah, yes, your…order. What is it?
Lorian: Find me a moon stone which fell on human land exactly a hundred years ago. Make a potion of life from it and bring it to me. Until then, you won’t find love and won’t be loved by anyone.
I: Damn, I am screwed.
Lorian: *smiling venomously* Yes, indeed, you are.

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