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Sneak Peek: Prison

The fae seemed unaffected by the iron bars he was leaning onto and the awful filth that reigned in Tiyan’s cell. More even, he seemed to enjoy the low conditions. As if this dirty place was a break from some kind of royal routine.

His black eyes drilled the human hunter through and through. His smile was predatory and dangerous, like a smile of an extremely vicious wolf that caught prey and relished its scent.

“So what?” Tiyan grinned at the fey. “You came here by yourself to stain your precious shoes in the dirt and look at my suffering? I have bad news. I am not going anywhere.”

“Ah” the fae looked amused. “For sure you prefer the hot steel and finger screws applied to you by these unwashed inquisitors. They’ve never seen the sun in the forest in the morning but they surely know every part of these dungeons.”

“Finger screws better than fairy court” Tiyan spat.

Kilyan laughed. Even Tiyan had to admit that it was a beautiful sound. He remembered a similar laughter, from long ago, from his childhood. This was the same fey. The fey who saved him on the battlefield.

“You are aware that you will die here. I am not lacking servants, my winter child. I have countless of them. They are obedient and trained. I don’t need to save your thick skin, but I want to give you something humankind could never offer you, now or ever.”

“What?” asked Tiyan bluntly.

“Power. Relief. A place where you can develop your talents I gave you in that moment, when I saved your life.”

“So it was you, you dark bastard” Tiyan gritted his teeth. “I didn’t ask for that.”

“Yes, your kind always had death wishes and affinity for suffering. You would rather die than serve. Such strong backs, such rigid spines! Very admirable! I would say stupid, but you would feel offended.”

“How would you’ve guessed” irony oozed from the hunter’s tongue.

“The purpose of your life is to serve under me. That is the truth that you don’t want to but will embrace. If you are so reluctant to go with me, you will end up there in another way.”

“By force?” grinned Tiyan manically.

“No. On butterfly wings, carried by moths and fireflies” replied the fae, again laughing. Beautiful sound.




Tiyan felt as his body started to feel numb. His limbs, weak and limp. His mind, muddy and tired.

He was aware that Kilyan was trying to put a spell on him. He decided to not give in, at any cost.

Soon, he was sleeping, in the dirt and mud of the Praetor’s prison.

The fae crouched next to him. His long fingers brushed Tiyan’s hair, in a soft and loving caress.

“I will wait for you in my palace, my surprise prize. Welcoming you in, as I should.

The soft laughter filled the air and the Kilyan disappeared in the thin air, like he never was here. A dream that Tiyan dreamt, but real enough to pry him from behind the bars.

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