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Sneak Peek: Hatred

“How sweet is to see so much anger, so much stale and deep hatred,” whispered the fae with a wry smile. “Every human hates fae, and us, high shee, the most. But at the same time you are such a joyful break from everyday boredom and routine. Tell me, Tiyo, how will you pay your debt to me?”

Tiyan’s face showed deepest hatred indeed, but mixed with fear and something undeciphered, which was tearing his insides with cold efficiency. This situation was humiliating and maybe death would be better than being pushed on his knees before worst enemy of humankind. He would prefer to die, taking the shee with himself, if he wasn’t spellbound. His muscles were sore and he literally felt the frozen bars of invisible prison he was put in.

Snow. Everywhere this cursed snow.

Even in his own veins.

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